Intruder Detection Systems

Intruder Detection Systems

Security systems are vastly different but can generally be categorised into two types:

Bells only: This type of system when set off activates an audible exterior sounder. The hope is that a passer by or neighbour will hear the alarm and do something - thus deterring a thief.

Monitored system: When activated these systems communicate to our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). The ARC will determine the type of signals received and action these appropriately passing intruder signals to your local Police, to your keyholders, relatives, staff, or your mobile.

Design Criteria

Intruder systems should not be restricting yet allow a high degree of protection. We make a survey of your premises (including a risk analysis of your property) to determine a suitable level of protection.

Why have a monitored system?

Monitored Intruder Alarms are not just for the rich or high value properties but for all premises, both residential and commercial, regardless of size, use or location. A monitored alarm is less expensive today than ten years ago. Whilst most customers acknowledge that a cheap system is false economy - they do want value for money.

The risk of loss through burglary or criminal damage has steadily increased over the years to an extent where today intruder detection systems are a necessary part of life; they protect property, possessions and the people in them.

Commercial systems

alarm keypad

Blanchard Fire and Security offers a complete package. We install and certificate everything. We are accredited and certified NSI-(NACOSS) GOLD and Quality Assured to BS ISO2000. A large part of our work involves us in upgrading systems installed by other alarm companies. 80 per cent of our installations are installed within seven days of receiving your order.

Residential Intruder Alarm Systems

Passive Infra-Red sensor

We are a quality assured home security specialist who have been in business for over 20 year and are NACOSS - The National Approval Council for Security Systems approved for security alarm installations, NICEIC approved electrical contractors and our quality security systems are registered by the prestigious ISO 9002 quality standard.

These approvals combined with over 20 years experience are your assurance that you will receive:

Lines of Defence

Ceiling mounted movement sensor

First line of defence is a good quality highly visible external sounder. Unbranded external sounders give a clear message "DIY or No Alarm System".

Second line is perimeter protection and would typically include contacts or sensors fitted to external windows, glass or doors.

Third line is achieved indoors sometimes by contacts fitted to doors but more often by space movement detectors. This type of device is the most common detection method employed, as they are practically impossible for an intruder to bypass.

Fourth line protection is that of personnel protection. This is achieved by the deliberate actuation of a ?hold-up device? by a threatened person so as to draw attention to a raid or a burglary. This type of device will work irrelevant of the arm/disarm state of the security system.

New European Alarm Standards

What has Changed?

British Standards (BS4737, BS7042 and BS6799) which governed the specification, installation and maintenance of Intruder and Hold-up Alarm systems have been phased out in favour of European Norms, known as EN50131.

EN50131 differs from current British Standards, in that:

Why has this happened?

When did it change?

The new standards came into force in October 2005.

Will this affect my existing alarm system?

Not if your existing alarm is functioning correctly, with no false alarms. Only if your insurance company demands a specific grade of system because of the value of contents insured, will you need to upgrade.

If your alarm is monitored by an Alarm Receiving Centre (and police calling) and you have false alarms which waste police time on more than one occasion, they may withdraw police response unless you agree to upgrade your system. Having upgraded we then send the police a certificate confirming the type of system you now have, requesting response be re-instated.


Explaining all the terms

If some or all of this makes no sense to you, then contact us at Blanchard Fire and Security and we will - with no obligation - be happy to clarify anything for you.

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