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Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting and direction signs

Blanchard Fire & Security can supply and fit a wide range of emergency lighting to supply essential illumination in the event of an emergency. Emergency lighting and direction signs can mean your only chance of finding an escape route in a crisis.

A detailed test schedule and test reports are listed in BS5266. For maintained luminaries we recommend that those lamps be routinely replaced after 5000 hours as the light output deteriorates considerably with age.

Emergency lighting tests are normally achieved by removing the electrical mains supply local to the normal lighting area which the emergency lights serve. This test should be by operation of a special key test switch installed for this purpose.

Schedule of Maintenance Tests

Emergency lighting

BS5266 Recommends the following regular Maintenance Tests:

During each test, the lights should be checked for correct operation. After testing, the supply should be restored and then checked to ensure the system is charging correctly.


If some or all of this makes no sense to you, then contact us at Blanchard Fire and Security and we will - with no obligation - be happy to clarify anything for you.